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Picture Of Book How Not To Forget Vocabulary    

'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' is a very special resource on remembering vocabulary using techniques not commonly taught. The author goes into extensive detail about why you forget, how to remember foreign vocabulary, how to use the techniques to remember genders, how to differentiate between words of different languages and remembering for the long-term! There are also testimonials from teachers of languages on the website.

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Software Product:- Rocket Languages is a highly acclaimed online product offering courses in multiple languages with over 150,000 people having used their course material. To check out the specific language click on the relevant picture below. Rocket Languages also offer American Sign Language, to check it out click here! Rocket Languages offer you a mini-course so 'you can have a go and see what you think.'

All-Audio Product:- Pimsleur have devised world-famous all audio programmes that get you speaking immediately and are available in many languages. Pimsleur report their courses have taken over 40 years to develop and are so effective that they are used by the FBI, CIA and many business professionals. To check out Pimsleur products click here or on the Pimsleur picture below

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